Signal of change / There was no commercial whaling in 2019 in Iceland

In 2019, two Icelandic whaling businesses - Hvalur and the Icelandic Minke Whalers Association - announced they wouldn’t hunt fin whales that year. Japan also ceased its Antarctic whaling program in 2019, reducing demand for Icelandic whale meat.  While most nations have supported a commercial whaling ban since 1986, Iceland, Norway and Japan have been exceptions. Is appetite for whale meat finally coming to an end? Read more

Signal of change / First programming language in classical Chinese attracts coders

The world's first programming language written in classical Chinese, wenyan-lang, is attracting a community of enthusiastic coders, producing dozens of new programs in the language’s first months. Read more

Our temporary home for THE FUTURES CENTRE

We are working on a new Futures Centre website, which will launch in early June 2020. Until that time, the site will be closed. In the meantime, you can submit signals of change and view newly submitted signal content here. Read more

Signal of change / US feed growers offered systemic support to transition to regenerative practices

The Boston-heaquartered ag-tech company Indigo Agriculture aims to support feed and grain crop producers in the US to transition to the use of regenerative practices, using a systems approach that aims to support profitability, environmental sustainability and consumer health. Read more

Signal of change / Tata Steel's new HR policy grants equal benefits to LGBTQ+ employees

Indian multinational Tata Steel has introduced a new Diversity and Inclusion policy that enables all LGBTQ+ employees and their partners to access all HR benefits available under Indian law, including health check-ups, access to medical facilities, adoption leave, honeymoon packages, new-born parent and child care leave, and inclusion in the employee assistance programme (EAP). Read more

Signal of change / 81% of companies predict a rise in workforce activism

A survey of 375 C-suite executives - at companies with more than 1,000 employees and upwards of £250 million in annual sales volume - across the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia, found that 81% anticipate a rise in workforce activism in the next three to five years. Read more

Signal of change / New Zealand launches HIV positive sperm bank

New Zealand has launched 'Sperm Positive', the world's first HIV positive sperm bank, in an endeavour to reduce stigma associated with the virus and educate people about HIV transmission. Read more