Becky Richeson

Becky Richeson is a Systems and Complexity Project Manager at The Omidyar Group. She helps people across Omidyar Group organizations make sense of complex adaptive systems and find ways to leverage energy in the systems to drive impact. She also develops materials and programs designed to increase the systems thinking capacity of teams.

Prior to joining the The Omidyar Group, Becky earned a Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she was a John M. Kohler scholar. During graduate school she completed fieldwork at a community social-enterprise in Costa Rica and worked as a Water Conflict and Cooperation research assistant. Prior to attending graduate school, Becky’s work focused on the community level. She developed a three-agency collaborative program that worked with survivors of domestic violence to support them in obtaining and sustaining living-wage jobs. She also developed programming at a homeless shelter to support the development of a social-enterprise, which provided job training as well as a sustainable revenue stream for the shelter. Becky earned a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where she graduated magna cum laude.

Becky is a Fellow with the Academy for Systems Change and has spoken at the World Economic Forum, School for Systems Change, Emerge Oxford, and Environmental Grantmakers Association.