I work in the Futures team, helping organisations think about how the future could be different from today and plan for different possible futures. Most of my work falls within the energy system, but I have a keen interest in sustainable fashion, B2B businesses, and value chains.

My ideal project is multifaceted. A particular interest of mine is working with organisations to create robust strategies that look twenty to thirty years into the future, but allow them to implement change strategies today to prepare the business for possible eventualities. Along with working with individual businesses, I’m passionate about facilitating cooperation between leading organisations to create environmentally and socially sustainable business practices. I’m also interested in how change takes shape within business and through consumers.

Like many of my colleagues, my path to Forum wasn’t straightforward. I’d originally been interested in marketing and earned my M.Sc. at the University of St Andrews. Following my course I was offered a position working on three public sector futures projects in Scotland. One of these, which examined the future of sustainable communities in Scotland commissioned for the Scottish Parliament, got me particularly interested in sustainability. Since then I have worked on several other independent consulting futures projects with the Scottish Parliament, SEPA and EURAM.

Although I love London’s unique neighbourhoods, live music and museums, I miss the fresh air of the Scottish coast and the Michigan wilderness. Away from work, I spend a great deal of time on my photography, and travel regularly.


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