School of System Change

We know that growing a global community of change agents is our best chance to accelerate a transition to a sustainable future. Want to know more?

Anna Birney

Anna is Director of Learning and Community at Forum for the Future and Director of the School, driving the vision and ambition internationally. Anna brings her practical experience of equipping people and organisations with cutting edge tools for system change, and deeper thinking and inquiry from her PhD. Read more

Annabel Membrillo Jimenez.

Annabel works as a conspirational partner with a wide variety of organizations (business, not-for-profit, government, communities), learning together, exploring and designing social experiments using several participatory tools and methodologies for collaboration, mainly in Mexico. Read more

Becky Richeson

Becky Richeson is a Systems and Complexity Project Manager at The Omidyar Group. She helps people across Omidyar Group organizations make sense of complex adaptive systems and find ways to leverage energy in the systems to drive impact. She also develops materials and programs designed to increase the systems thinking capacity of teams. Read more

Bill Reed

Bill is an internationally recognized practitioner, teacher, and authority in integrative systems design, sustainability, and regenerative community planning and implementation. He works at Regenesis – an organization working to lift human activities into full integration and evolution with living systems. Read more

Charlene Collison

Charlene drives Forum’s global system change projects across value chains for greater sustainability, equity and resilience. She has led multi-stakeholder collaborative initiatives across a range of sectors and themes, and supports Forum’s thought leadership on collaborative change processes. Read more

Chris Roorda

Chris is a senior researcher, consultant and trainer at the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions, where he links Transition management and system change practice. Chris is contributing his continental European perspective and long-term sustainability vision. Read more

Jean Boulton

Jean researches, writes and teaches about complexity. She investigates how to deal with a complex, interconnected, often fast-changing and uncertain world. Jean is particularly supporting contributors at the School in learning from each other and learning through teaching. Read more

Jen Berman

Jen is a consultant for the Garfield Foundation’s Collaborative Networks Program in the US, initiating and supporting system change projects. Jen is engaged in sharing experience among practitioners, with a particular focus on the role of philanthropy. Read more

Laura Winn

Laura is Head of the School of System Change, coordinating the emergent strategy, and ensuring this initiative is run as a sustainable system change venture. Laura brings her experience of social enterprise, new economic structures, and multi-stakeholder governance. Read more

Marijke de Pous

As director of the Transition Academy at DRIFT (Dutch Research Institute for Transitions), Marijke creates learning environments for transformative change. She is designing complementary learning offers between the School and the academy. Read more

Marshall Clemens

Marshall is founder of Idiagram. He helps corporations, NGOs, and foundations grapple with complex sustainability issues to create large-scale systems change. Marshall is sharing his skills in systemic analysis and mapping systems with the School community. Read more

Ray Ison

Ray is professor of systems at the Open University. His research, teaching and consultancy spans biophysics, cybernetics and systems thinking in practice. Ray is researching and co-designing the peer-to-peer learning system for the School community. Read more

Stephanie Draper

Stephanie is Chief Change Officer at Forum for the Future, where she leads many system-wide change projects, and overseas activity in Asia Pacific. An expert in collaborative processes and sustainable development, she brings Forum for the Future's experience and case studies to the School. Read more