We started this process before COVID-19 hit.

We identified a set of dynamic areas through research and interviews, and mapped them in relation to one another.
As the work unfolded, so did COVID-19.  It has shone a light on the fragility of many aspects of our global systems, and is having a strong and unpredictable effect on many dynamics in almost all human systems simultaneously, including energy, manufacturing, agriculture and food supply, finance, technology, social and political values.

Uncertainty is extremely high both short term and long term. We are currently still right in the middle of the discontinuity, to the extent that we don’t even know yet how long this shock will last and what the critical uncertainties will be once we emerge.

But what we do know is that this crisis has highlighted the need to take a systemic and interconnected view of the future and our responses. So we have adapted the Future of Sustainability to this new situation - instead of producing a static report, we will be doing more collaborative sense making in real time with those we work with, over the next few months using the dynamic areas we’ve identified to frame the conversation and to support us in exploring and navigating this uncertain future together.

We plan to compile and curate this series in Autumn 2020 into a single report publication.