Iceberg Model: The Rise of the Civil Rights Movement

Hosted in partnership with Vodafone Aotearoa Foundation, Todd Foundation, and J R McKenzie Trust, for our colleagues and partners in Aotearoa.

Date: 1 October 2020

Time: 5:00pm NZDT

This webinar is part of a three-part series from the Stories of Change which discusses how systemic frameworks can help us understand social change, and how you can facilitate group discussions using these frameworks such as Multi-Level Perspectives, Iceberg Model, and Regenerative Model.

What does the rise of the Civil Rights Movement tell us about how change happens? What assumptions and beliefs underlie the system that holds it in place?

The Iceberg Model, typically used in systems diagnosis, can help us explore blindspots, question assumptions and challenge mental models underneath pivotal events, such as Rosa Park's arrest in 1955 in the Civil Rights Movement.

Only 10% of an Iceberg’s total mass can be seen above water—the remaining 90% exists below the waterline. As a society, the majority see and respond to events, happening at the tip of the iceberg.

This Stories of Change session focuses on the well-known event, Rosa Park's arrest in 1955, from the Civil Rights Movement, and dives deeper into the structures, patterns and mental models.  View the Stories of Change video here.

The School of System Change collaborated with foundations, academics, creatives and others to create the Stories of Change--a series of videos and tools for designing and delivering system change practices. The School engaged a community of partners to transform these stories into multimedia videos and facilitated learning experiences.


Laura Winn, Associate Director, School of System Change

Oriana Brine, Senior Strategist, Forum for the Future

Ariel Muller, Director, Forum for the Future

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This is part of a 3-part webinar series, Stories of Change. Join us for the full programming through Stories of Change Webinar Series.

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