We are working on a new Futures Centre website, which will launch in mid-September. Until that time, the site thefuturescentre.org will be closed. In the meantime, you can submit signals of change and view newly submitted signal content here.

About the Futures Centre

The world is on an unsustainable path, but powerful ideas and innovations that could help solve social, economic, political and environmental challenges are emerging all the time. While there is no data about the future, and prediction is an impossible game, we can shape the future, and the best way to start is by imagining the future we want to see.

Forum is a leader in applied futures, known for using futures scenarios, visions and trends to create concrete, practical solutions and build the capacity of our partners for systems change and the long-term thinking so critical to sustainability.

About our report - The Future of Sustainability

By revealing the complex interplay of dynamic trends around us, and identifying risks, opportunities and powerful innovations, we use futures to help organisations grapple with uncertainty and change, and to map out routes to a sustainable future. Read our latest edition of the annual thought leadership publication - the Future of Sustainability 2019.

Signals of change

One way we make sense of change is through Signals of Change. These are new ideas or innovations that could change the game for sustainability in the future. They can be positive, negative, both or neither.

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If there is a topic you are interested in, looking at a dashboard of signals can help you spot trends and opportunities.
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