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As well as offering advice and support on the magazine, I help lead on the development of Forum and GF's international work, particularly in India, the US and China, and on wider Forum communications and development strategy.

I’m a regular Chair of Forum events, including those in partnership with The Guardian.

Studied Politics, specialised in international conflict and the Islamic world, and wrote about same. Deep visceral enthusiasm for the countryside and the natural world translated into an interest in the way environment, development and politics interact. Edited Tomorrow Magazine and Environment Digest; was Environment Director of Media Natura; wrote and co-produced Go Wild! (kids series for ITV); wrote Our Backyard (Channel 4/Observer Films). Won a number of awards, including Science and Environmental Journalist of the Year.

Edited Green Futures for four rollercoaster years, 1998-2001, then stepped back into 'editor at large' mode, to make time for other work, notably with Ashden Awards, Demos and Futerra. Was lured back on board as Editor in Chief in 2008, and am glad I was!

From reporting on Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza to writing about business and sustainability in the West may seem like quite a leap, but for me it’s essentially the same issue: how do we create and sustain a resilient economy and society, which respects everyone’s chances of leading a richer, more fulfilled life. It’s as simple and challenging as that!

I’ve been lucky enough to travel widely, both as a journalist and producer, as editor of Green Futures, and as Visiting Judge for Forum Partner, the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy.

Bizarre twists include: Being arrested suspicion of being a French mercenary working undercover for the Malian Army; eating rhino horn and dealing in tiger skins while being paid by WWF to investigate the trade in endangered species in Korea; being mistaken for Bill Clinton's press secretary in Rwanda; and pouring scorn on West's obsession with imagining Osama bin Laden hiding round every corner in Pakistan, while eating breakfast 300 yards from his lair in Abbottabad.

Failed to profit from any of these rare sparks of interest in an otherwise unremarkable life.

What would your dream project be? A vast, wondrous, sparkly TED-style Green Futures event with art, music and spectacular installations / architecture showcasing imagination, innovation and beauty. Let’s make it happen!

What floats my boat outside of work? Cycling, playing guitar, playing cricket, those rare evenings which see a perfect combination of friends, alcohol and conversation; and seeing my stepkids grow up into sane, compassionate, intelligent adults and wondering where the hell they got that from (apart from their mother).