"Marketers have woken up to the responsibilities and opportunities from sustainability. All they need now is the right tools. Consumer Futures will act as prompt to stimulate and interrogate thinking and provides a rich resource for our clients, as well as for us at Dragon Rouge, to develop the brands and innovations that will thrive in a sustainable future."
- Dorothy Mackenzie, Chairman, Dragon Rouge

Consumer Futures is designed as a practical tool to help retailers, brands and manufacturers throughout the global consumer goods industry plan for the future. Sainsbury’s and Unilever plan to use it as a platform for collaboration and innovation, jointly developing profitable and sustainable initiatives that will help them meet the ambitious commitments in Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan and Sainsbury’s five corporate responsibility values.

We have put together a toolkit to help you use the scenarios. Please feel free to download and use any of these materials as, with all Forum for the Future publications and tools, they are freely available for all.Follow the links below to download the various elements of the Consumer Futures toolkit.