The logic of lobbying for good

16 June, 2014 by Paul Monaghan

Pioneering businesses are calling on governments to change the rules, with good reason, says Paul Monaghan, Director of Up the Ethics.

Value chain data can improve business performance, retailers believe

13 June, 2014 by Catherine Roan

Research reveals that over 80% of retailers and brand owners believe value chain data is important for product quality and performance.

Starbucks Japan closes loop from waste coffee grounds to milk

11 June, 2014 by tess riley

Over one hundred Starbucks coffeehouses across Japan are transforming waste coffee beans into feed for dairy cows – and buying back their milk.

Glow in the dark ‘Starpath’ lights up Cambridge park

9 June, 2014 by Will Simpson

The successful trial of a light-emitting mixture that can be applied to paths, cycle lanes and other surfaces could lead to wider rollout.

GM plant could provide alternative source of ‘fish’ oils

5 June, 2014 by Patrick McKenna

The aquaculture industry could benefit from plant-based source of omega-3 oils being field-trialled in the UK.

Kung Fu and the art of living in systems

3 June, 2014 by Jeremy Mathieu

There’s conflict within every system, but we can learn to respond with grace and creativity – argues Jeremy Mathieu, a student of the martial arts and sustainability professional.

Have your drink, and swallow the bottle too

2 June, 2014 by Janika Collatz

A new, open-source edible sachet disrupts the packaging market for drinks.

M&S, Ecolab and General Mills adopt water stewardship standard

30 May, 2014 by Ken Whitehead

A partnership of NGOs and businesses aims to address global water challenges through a new international standard.

“There is no perfect city, nor is any city smarter than the rest”

28 May, 2014 by Anna Simpson

As Singapore prepares to host three environmental summits in a week, Khoo Teng Chye, Executive Director, Centre for Liveable Cities, tells Anna Simpson why it’s a golden opportunity for global cities to look 50 years into the future and discuss the common challenges they face.

Tesco builds on Lidl’s junkfood ban at checkouts

26 May, 2014 by Ted Shoemaker

Both supermarket chains plan to remove junk food from the checkout aisles of all their UK stores, replacing it with healthier snacks.


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