Taking production data to scale

25 March, 2014 by Sarah Veniard

We need to know much, much more about the products we consume, says Tim Wilson.

Food-processing unit could help supermarkets cut waste

24 March, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

The Harvester converts food waste into organic fertiliser feedstock, and captures data to reveal discard trends.

Understanding desire

22 March, 2014 by Anna Simpson

With the launch of her book, Anna Simpson proposes a new role for brands: not manufacturing desire through clever campaigns, but responding to it with integrity.

Value added

21 March, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

Carbon finance puts Jaguar Land Rover on the fast lane to delivering change.

Intelligent charger stops ‘vampire’ power wastage

19 March, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

Powerslayer uses algorithms to assess when gadgets are fully charged and cuts off the power supply.

Printing invention allows paper to be reused up to 50 times

18 March, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

New dye coated paper and water-filled cartridges can be used in a standard inkjet printer, cutting paper waste.

Sustainability: no longer the ‘Wild West’ of events management

17 March, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

There’s growing appetite for sustainability expertise in the world of events management, says Teresa Moore.

Mollusc shell design produces glass 200 times the strength

14 March, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

A new laser engraving technique could pave the way for longer-life smartphone screens.

Seafloor wave-to-energy ‘carpet’ absorbs 90% of wave energy

13 March, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

A new seafloor wave-to-energy converter offers high power conversion efficiency and cost-effective features for resilience.

MIT device could lead to solar electricity on-demand

12 March, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

A new PV add-on turns light into heat for improved efficiencies and thermal energy storage.


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