The rise of the energy citizens

20 January, 2014 by Martin Wright

New business models are transforming the prospects for community energy and revitalising support for renewables, says Martin Wright.

How brands can unlock our adventures

17 January, 2014 by Anna Simpson

Brands can help people access the skills and tools they need to expand their horizons. Indeed, they’d be wise to do so, says Anna Simpson, author of ‘The Brand Strategist’s Guide to Desire’.

A lesson in successful lobbying

17 January, 2014 by Katie Shaw

Ros Leeming, Parliament Manager at the International Fund for Animal Welfare, left the UK Government to lobby for change from the outside. She tells Katie Shaw what she hopes to achieve.

Informal networks provide essential services in cities

16 January, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

In cities across the world, people are coming together in informal networks to deliver services in waste collection, water supply and community welfare that officials fail to deliver. It's time to recognise their value, says Ben Goldfarb.

Why digital technology is key to distributed energy

15 January, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)
Tags: Diagnosis

A successful energy system is unthinkable without the data and algorithms to make it 'smart', says Will Simpson.

A roadmap for energy efficient neighbourhoods

15 January, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

A coalition funded by the European Commission has sketched out the way to smart energy neighbourhoods.

Renewables: the opportunity for communities

14 January, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

Fiona Harvey asks how the UK can unlock the community benefits and commercial opportunities of renewable energy.

Ecover pilots a new business model in Mallorca

13 January, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

The ecological cleaning products brand is finding out what a distributed model really means.

Why family businesses could have a head start in sustainability

9 January, 2014 by Anna Simpson

With their eye on the next generation, family businesses are primed to address key commercial challenges, finds Anna Simpson at the launch of new research in Singapore.

"Irrepressible": Porritt on the potential of community energy

8 January, 2014 by Jonathon Porritt

The UK is seeing a surge in community-owned energy, says Forum for the Future's Founder-Director, Jonathon Porritt.


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