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Our editors draw on a pool of freelance writers with expertise in business, energy, sustainable solutions and current affairs. They contribute briefings, features, profiles and interviews.

If you would like to write for Green Futures, send details of your experience and samples of your work to Anna Simpson.

We welcome applications from engaging, fluent and intelligent writers, who respect deadlines and are sticklers for accuracy.

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We are open to offers of comment pieces that contribute to the quest for a sustainable future, and welcome ones which:

  • raise a challenging question about pathways to a sustainable future
  • discuss an instance of pioneering practice
  • offer insights into future trends
  • bring an interesting or unusual perspective to a core issue.

All proposed pieces are subject to a rigorous editorial process. We only publish pieces of the highest quality, and do not accept promotional material. If you'd like to contribute a guest blog, please email Anna Simpson

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