Chinese company prints 10 homes in one day

21 May, 2014 by Sara Ver Bruggen

Companies in China and the US claim they can build houses in 24 hours, using 3D printers.

Skanska offers investors a green bond

20 May, 2014 by Guest writer

The property company will diversify its investor base thanks to a new bond to fund green commercial developments.

Can we close the gap between recycling intentions and reality?

19 May, 2014 by Guest writer

There’s a ‘black hole’ between consumers’ good intentions to recycle, and what we actually recycle in our homes. But what has created this gap and just how do we close it, asks Joe Franses, Director, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Coca-Cola Enterprises.

How women are changing the energy sector

16 May, 2014 by Guest writer

Sarah Butler-Sloss, Ashden’s Founder-Director, describes the difference volts make to women – and the difference women are making to the clean energy sector.

Three 'musts' for transformative solutions

14 May, 2014 by Anna Birney

Anna Birney and Geraldine Gilbert share key insights from Forum for the Future's Scaling Up Impact project.

You can't compromise on aesthetics, says Joe Franses of Coca-Cola Enterprises

12 May, 2014 by Guest writer

The look and feel of the bottle are critical, even when it comes to recycling, says the Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Coca-Cola Enterprises.

How living spaces can improve our health and wellbeing

9 May, 2014 by Guest writer

We are constant inhabitants of designed space, but how much do we think about its impact on us? Ben Alcraft explores

Repowering London: Brixton’s cooperative energy movement

8 May, 2014 by Guest writer

Jessica Cresswell explores the drivers and dynamics behind Brixton’s socially responsible energy cooperative, and talks to its founder, Agamemnon Otero.

"We need to break down language barriers": David Bott, Technology Strategy Board

7 May, 2014 by Guest writer

The Technology Strategy Board is bringing together a new community of designers and technology innovators, and helping them connect.


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