Michael Doherty: the aquaponics artist

6 May, 2014 by Anna Simpson

Get the aesthetics right, and new approaches to food production will be more palatable to the public.

"Design has to be emotionally durable"

5 May, 2014 by Guest writer

Jon Turney asks how we can move away from a disposable culture to one in which people really care about 'stuff'.

A resilient economy inspired by nature

1 May, 2014 by Guest writer

Dr Tamsin Woolley-Barker looks to natural systems, where "every bit of debris becomes a source of nutrition", for lessons in sustainable design.

Soil is the bedrock of national security, says Porritt

29 April, 2014 by Jonathon Porritt

Conversations about flood prevention need to move upstream, starting with soil, says Jonathon Porritt, Founder-Director of Forum for the Future.

The Great Recovery: closing the gap between materials and design

28 April, 2014 by Duncan Jefferies

An initiative connecting designers with networks of scientists, business leaders, academics, manufacturers and materials recyclers aims to speed the shift to a circular economy. Duncan Jefferies investigates.

Why grey needs to be the next green

25 April, 2014 by Sally Uren

The green movement is facing a branding challenge, says Sally Uren, CEO Forum for the Future. Is it time we learned to love grey?

Tear down the silos between art and science for a creative explosion

24 April, 2014 by Guest writer

Jeremy Lovell explores the potential for innovation when scientists and artists meet.

Edward Hanrahan on the barriers to scaling-up impact investment

23 April, 2014 by Duncan Jefferies

ClimateCare’s Director says profit needn’t be a dirty word when it comes to impact investing, in Green Futures latest Q&A.

Bupa’s £20 million Energy Saver Fund

22 April, 2014 by tess riley

Bupa makes a bold stand for investment in carbon reduction projects with a new dedicated fund.

"Culture is centre stage in the need to rethink economic models", says Alison Tickell

21 April, 2014 by Guest writer

The arts, heritage and creativity should be at the heart of our post-2015 Sustainable Development Goal, says the CEO of Julie's Bicycle.


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