From UN associate to global innovation consultant

Menka Sanghvi explains why collaboration is at the heart of her work, and how approaches to innovation differ in the public and private sector.

Martin Wright looks back at the future

The founding Editor of Green Futures reflects on early predictions featured in the magazine, and asks what trends will shape the world in future.

Getting it together

Join Forum for the Future and our partners as we spend September sharing, exploring and inspiring stories of how collaboration can take us further, faster, than going solo ever could

Different versions of the future

I’ve just finished reading a little tract by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway called The Collapse of Western Civilisation: a View from the Future. Not a very cheery title!

It’s time for action

The Consumer Goods Forum calls for binding global climate change deal

Small team, big impact

I couldn’t believe my luck when I got the chance to come and work at ClimateCare.

M&S Plan A: what’s next, and why they’re still pioneers

M&S was the only UK retailer to emerge unscathed from the horsemeat scandal back in early 2013.

System revolutionaries lobbying for positive change

If you segment ‘the history of the modern environment movement’ over the last 45 years, (seen through the lens of my governance triangle – see below), there would be three main stages.

Citizens, not consumers: the next frontier for system innovation

Creating a radical shift onto a sustainable path can only happen if we revolutionise the systems upon which we all rely. This fundamental truth is at the very heart of all of the work we do at Forum for the Future.

Kung Fu and the art of living in systems

There’s conflict within every system, but we can learn to respond with grace and creativity – argues Jeremy Mathieu, a student of the martial arts and sustainability professional.