Renewables could offer storm protection

Offshore wind farms and tidal lagoons may offer protection from the elements, as well as clean energy. Ibrahim Maiga reports.

Mollusc shell design produces glass 200 times the strength

A new laser engraving technique could pave the way for longer-life smartphone screens.

Seafloor wave-to-energy ‘carpet’ absorbs 90% of wave energy

A new seafloor wave-to-energy converter offers high power conversion efficiency and cost-effective features for resilience.

MIT device could lead to solar electricity on-demand

A new PV add-on turns light into heat for improved efficiencies and thermal energy storage.

Nanomaterial breakthrough could lead to more efficient electronics

A new technique allows graphene nanoribbons to transport electrons without interruption for greater distances.

EV cars power office building in Japan

Six all-electric Nissan LEAF cars are being used as a temporary power source at peak times, cutting costs at the Advanced Technology Centre in Atsugi City.

Ford’s new concept car runs on sun

Ford claims its new hybrid vehicle, which features a solar panel system with sun-tracking technology, offers a significant improvement in solar panel efficiency.

Plant-based battery improves solar and wind energy storage

New low-cost ‘flow’ battery could help to integrate renewable energy sources into the grid.

New superhydrophobic material reduces water contact times by 40%

The technology could help to improve the efficiency of aeroplane wings, turbine blades, water pipes and more.

Recycling robot reduces waste concrete and water

Student concept uses high pressure water jet system to repackage waste concrete for reuse.