“Many of the solutions we need are at the intersection between science and the arts”, says Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon Porritt looks forward to Green Futures’ upcoming special edition ‘Where Science Meets Art’, which argues that innovation for a sustainable world can be significantly reinforced by science and the arts coming together.

"Engaged children become engaged adults"

Abid Aslam, Editor of ‘The State of the World’s Children’ at UNICEF, tells Duncan Jefferies why city authorities should work in close partnership with children and their communities.

10 years back, 10 years forward

In early April, the French sustainability consultancy, Ethicity held a conference on sustainable consumption, presenting a

DECC - Getting it Right

When it comes to decisions regarding sustainable energy, spot the pattern here in terms of understanding DECC dynamics:

If I had £1m to spend on a more resilient economic system, I would…

This was the challenge that I was set recently by Friends Provident Foundation during a filmed interview. They didn't actually give me the money, naturally, but they did want to know what Forum for the Future's Director of Sustaiable Business would consider a wise spend.

India's bill of good intentions

Today the “2% CSR” bill comes into force in India. From now on, companies worth more than INR 500 Crore (around £50M) will have to spend 2% of their average net profits on corporate social responsibility activities under the mandate.

North Sea Futures

A new project looking to generate a sustainable development framework for the heavily exploited North Sea region

EU-InnovatE: citizen driven innovation

Exploring how we can unlock the power of citizen-led innovation to catalyse the shift towards a sustainable Europe

Greening the recovery

I’m not quite sure when academics and activists first identified “The Green Economy” as a “coming priority” – at least 25 years ago, I suspect, in the run up to the Earth Summit in 1992.