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Can the Events Management sector help scale sustainable solutions?

More Events Management students are learning to ask what sustainability can do for their practice. The next question is what Events Management can do for sustainability, argues Sandro Carnicelli, Lecturer in Events Management at the Business School, University of the West of Scotland, which won the 2014 National Union of Students Green Impact Award.

Coca-Cola Enterprises reveals Recycling Challenge finalists

Apps, social movements and customisable bins are among the eight short-listed ideas from CCE and’s 13-week challenge, which aims to increase recycling rates at home.

The future is curation, says Sally Uren

We now have an unprecedented capacity to bring people together and enable them to act – but we need skilled curators to help them see the big picture, says the CEO of Forum for the Future.

Jonathon Porritt: “I first dreamed up the idea of Green Futures almost exactly 20 years ago…”

At the heart of Green Futures has been a constant desire to celebrate innovation, says the magazine’s founder, Jonathon Porritt, looking back on the journey so far.

How we’ll transform more stories into action

Anna Simpson, Editor of Green Futures, explains why we are seizing a new opportunity to connect future shapers across the world with crucial information about change.

BAFTA targets film and TV carbon emissions

A new partnership with Greenstone should make it easier for film and TV producers to calculate their impact.

Glow in the dark ‘Starpath’ lights up Cambridge park

The successful trial of a light-emitting mixture that can be applied to paths, cycle lanes and other surfaces could lead to wider rollout.

Have your drink, and swallow the bottle too

A new, open-source edible sachet disrupts the packaging market for drinks.

Celebrating the disruptors

For reasons beyond my control, I missed out on my annual Ashden fix last week (the Awards ceremony was on Thursday 22 May), and have had to make do with checking out the website, reading up on the winners, and getting the usual brilliant feedback from those who were lucky enough to be there.

Learning from nature

[This blogpost was written by Masters of Design-student Ksenia Benifand after she spent three weeks working alongside Forum for the Future’s System Innovation Lab.