Creative industries

BAFTA targets film and TV carbon emissions

A new partnership with Greenstone should make it easier for film and TV producers to calculate their impact.

Glow in the dark ‘Starpath’ lights up Cambridge park

The successful trial of a light-emitting mixture that can be applied to paths, cycle lanes and other surfaces could lead to wider rollout.

Have your drink, and swallow the bottle too

A new, open-source edible sachet disrupts the packaging market for drinks.

Celebrating the disruptors

For reasons beyond my control, I missed out on my annual Ashden fix last week (the Awards ceremony was on Thursday 22 May), and have had to make do with checking out the website, reading up on the winners, and getting the usual brilliant feedback from those who were lucky enough to be there.

Learning from nature

[This blogpost was written by Masters of Design-student Ksenia Benifand after she spent three weeks working alongside Forum for the Future’s System Innovation Lab.

A question of brand sense and sensibility

There’s a difference between appreciating the material world, and appropriating it, says Anna Simpson.

H&M and Zara say no to pulp from endangered forests

Twenty leading clothing retailers have now joined Canopy’s campaign for sustainable supply chain management, representing $45 billion in annual sales.

Companies leading the way for sustainable supply chains

[This is a guest blogpost written by Toby Pickard, Senior Sustainability Analyst at IGD.]

Companies that work within the food and grocery supply chain face some pressing issues on sustainability.

Chinese company prints 10 homes in one day

Companies in China and the US claim they can build houses in 24 hours, using 3D printers.

Three 'musts' for transformative solutions

Anna Birney and Geraldine Gilbert share key insights from Forum for the Future's Scaling Up Impact project.