Consumer engagement

Sharing strangers

We’re all busy people. While we’re running around getting on with our lives, it’s incredibly easy to forget that there’s a staggering 7 billion other people doing exactly the same thing.

M&S Plan A: what’s next, and why they’re still pioneers

M&S was the only UK retailer to emerge unscathed from the horsemeat scandal back in early 2013.

System revolutionaries lobbying for positive change

If you segment ‘the history of the modern environment movement’ over the last 45 years, (seen through the lens of my governance triangle – see below), there would be three main stages.

The logic of lobbying for good

Pioneering businesses are calling on governments to change the rules, with good reason, says Paul Monaghan, Director of Up the Ethics.

Value chain data can improve business performance, retailers believe

Research reveals that over 80% of retailers and brand owners believe value chain data is important for product quality and performance.

The complexities of sharing

Much of the buzz around the sharing economy focuses on the novelty of the experiences rather than the long-term implications for the economy as a whole.

Disruptive innovation through collaboration

At Forum for the Future we’re passionate about disruptive innovation as the key to really shaking up the system and enabling positive change.

Have your drink, and swallow the bottle too

A new, open-source edible sachet disrupts the packaging market for drinks.

Tesco builds on Lidl’s junkfood ban at checkouts

Both supermarket chains plan to remove junk food from the checkout aisles of all their UK stores, replacing it with healthier snacks.