Consumer engagement

Ecover explores oils from algae or bacteria

Innovations in cleaning products hold promise for local, non-fossil supply chains – but establishing new markets demands education as well as R&D.

The fashion industry is gearing up for a system-wide shift

Almost a year on from the tragic collapse of Rana Plaza, Heather Connon asks what's changed in the world of fashion - and what's to come.

Circular Economy Investigations

Examining how we can enable the shift towards a circular economy

Taking production data to scale

We need to know much, much more about the products we consume, says Tim Wilson.

Understanding desire

With the launch of her book, Anna Simpson proposes a new role for brands: not manufacturing desire through clever campaigns, but responding to it with integrity.

Internet of Things Academy

Aiming to provide everyone – from complete beginners to experts – with a platform to create and share inspiring hardware and software projects

Intelligent charger stops ‘vampire’ power wastage

Powerslayer uses algorithms to assess when gadgets are fully charged and cuts off the power supply.

Why we need a new conversation about energy

This guest blog post was written by David Hall, Executive Director of Behaviour Change

A New Conversation About Energy

A new conversation about energy will devise, coordinate and execute a national campaign and create a step-change in consumer engagement with energy saving

How brands can get under our skin

There’s a house on Long Island that can keep you young. At least, that’s what the architects claim – and it’s no small matter in an ageing world. If I asked you what you’d look for in your ideal home, you might reply ‘a space to unwind’, or ‘a little love and laughter’.