Consumer engagement

Retail Horizons: Picture these four low-carbon business models

This article first appeared on and is the tenth in a 12-part series about the future of US retail for the

Direct marketing innovations help brands build better relationships

Sophisticated multi-media campaigns and subtler uses of data are helping brands to communicate with customers in ways that that benefit both parties.

Hilton, Marriott line up for TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders scheme

More than 80% of travellers want their hotels to have environmentally-friendly practices, according to TripAdvisor, which is expanding a scheme to help them make greener choices.

Businesses must lobby for long-term thinking, says Ian Cheshire

We aren’t only piling up sandbags, we are piling up costs – says Kingfisher’s Group Chief Executive.

The Beauty and Personal Care Products Sustainability Summit

We convened an unprecedented, cross-sector summit in September 2014 that was co-hosted by retail giants Target and Walmart to improve sustainability performance in the personal care and beauty industry

It’s time for action

The Consumer Goods Forum calls for binding global climate change deal

Sharing strangers

We’re all busy people. While we’re running around getting on with our lives, it’s incredibly easy to forget that there’s a staggering 7 billion other people doing exactly the same thing.

M&S Plan A: what’s next, and why they’re still pioneers

M&S was the only UK retailer to emerge unscathed from the horsemeat scandal back in early 2013.

System revolutionaries lobbying for positive change

If you segment ‘the history of the modern environment movement’ over the last 45 years, (seen through the lens of my governance triangle – see below), there would be three main stages.