Behaviour change

Retail Horizons: Does the sharing economy mean the end of retail?

This article first appeared on and is the eleventh in a 12-part series about the future of US retail for the

Retail Horizons: Picture these four low-carbon business models

This article first appeared on and is the tenth in a 12-part series about the future of US retail for the

Retail Horizons: Will growing transparency slow consumer buying?

This article first appeared on and is the ninth in a 12-part series about the future of US retail for the Forum for the Future-led

Is China’s coal use choking?

It may be time to readjust the direction of one of our key trends....early data from China indicates that the use of coal dropped for the first time this century in the first half of 2014.

Can the Events Management sector help scale sustainable solutions?

More Events Management students are learning to ask what sustainability can do for their practice. The next question is what Events Management can do for sustainability, argues Sandro Carnicelli, Lecturer in Events Management at the Business School, University of the West of Scotland, which won the 2014 National Union of Students Green Impact Award.

Did they really say that?

A look back at some of the political promises reported by Green Futures over the past 18 years.

Different versions of the future

I’ve just finished reading a little tract by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway called The Collapse of Western Civilisation: a View from the Future. Not a very cheery title!

Healthy vending machines provide fresh food 24/7

An innovative new vending machine has raised $1.3 million to get itself into universities, hospitals, gyms, and other busy places where people want to purchase something fast and fresh.

New biochemical techniques could transform land usage

So-called 'agricultural biologicals' could be used to dramatically improve resource efficiency, converting fibres that are currently wasted into liquid biofuels and increasing crop yields.

Forum's coming of age

As Forum waves a very fond farewell to trustee Sir John Harman, we asked him to share some of his thoughts about his time with us.