Behaviour change

Prototyping the future

James Goodman discusses where the practice of futures is heading next.

Snacking on insects? Don’t get bugged out

Chewy and moist, the first bite didn’t seem strange at all. Like any other energy bar it was dark and densely packed, with a slightly sticky texture. It was only a close examination of the wrapper that revealed that the special ingredient was ground cricket flour.

A tale of solar panels, crazy planners and a threat to future generations!

It’s impossible for me to get involved in each and every planning dispute that people ask me about – there are so many!

Get wind of Liam

The dense patchwork of houses, roads, skyscrapers, parks and cafés stitch together our urban landscape.

Energy control in action

New developments are hatching in the energy team at Forum for the Future, and I, for one, am very excited about it.

The return of handwriting

Maddening news for those of us who have never quite managed the flowing cursive we hoped for....handwriting is back. Recent evidence suggests that connecting with our roots, and actually hand-writing something rather than typing it produces additional signals in the brain.

Neighbourhood? How about an agrihood?

A community outside Phoenix has, rather ambitiously, named itself Agritopia. Apparently it is one of an increasing number of 'agrihoods': a residential area with a farm at its centre.

Porritt: What if recycling isn’t the first step to environmental engagement?

If we want to tackle waste, we have to “regulate the hell out of this whole under-performing mess” – says (a little bit of) Jonathon Porritt.

OpenIDEO community rises to CCE’s Recycling Challenge

Duncan Jefferies reports on the final Challenge Workshop of CCE’s 11-week Recycling Challenge – and reveals the winning ideas.

Sharing strangers

We’re all busy people. While we’re running around getting on with our lives, it’s incredibly easy to forget that there’s a staggering 7 billion other people doing exactly the same thing.