Behaviour change

Did they really say that?

A look back at some of the political promises reported by Green Futures over the past 18 years.

Different versions of the future

I’ve just finished reading a little tract by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway called The Collapse of Western Civilisation: a View from the Future. Not a very cheery title!

Healthy vending machines provide fresh food 24/7

An innovative new vending machine has raised $1.3 million to get itself into universities, hospitals, gyms, and other busy places where people want to purchase something fast and fresh.

New biochemical techniques could transform land usage

So-called 'agricultural biologicals' could be used to dramatically improve resource efficiency, converting fibres that are currently wasted into liquid biofuels and increasing crop yields.

Forum's coming of age

As Forum waves a very fond farewell to trustee Sir John Harman, we asked him to share some of his thoughts about his time with us.

Interactive bugs put the spotlight on e-waste

Robot butterflies built from discarded smartphone components are on display at the 02 arena, as part of 02's campaign to raise awareness about e-waste.

Sustainable schools project boosts exam results

The pupil-friendly design of several Bristol schools has helped to increase the percentage of pupils gaining 5 A*-to-C grades.

Could smart public transport systems make car ownership obsolete in cities?

Helsinki has declared plans to transform its current public transport system into one that is efficient, affordable and comprehensive. The plan is so ambitious that it aims to make the necessity of owning a car obsolete.

Prototyping the future

James Goodman discusses where the practice of futures is heading next.

Snacking on insects? Don’t get bugged out

Chewy and moist, the first bite didn’t seem strange at all. Like any other energy bar it was dark and densely packed, with a slightly sticky texture. It was only a close examination of the wrapper that revealed that the special ingredient was ground cricket flour.