Retail Horizons: Food shopping in a water-scarce world

This article first appeared on and is the seventh in a 12-part series about the future of US retail for the

Sourcing goods made in Africa: A UK business perspective

Looking at how to overcome real and perceived barriers to sourcing African-made products in the UK

Lords of the Flies

Good news on the maggot front!

Snacking on insects? Don’t get bugged out

Chewy and moist, the first bite didn’t seem strange at all. Like any other energy bar it was dark and densely packed, with a slightly sticky texture. It was only a close examination of the wrapper that revealed that the special ingredient was ground cricket flour.

FarmLog helps US farmers use land more efficiently

A new app aggregates data from across a farm and presents it in a user-friendly interface.

The commercial case strengthens for a sustainable supply strategy

Food and drink manufacturing businesses can identify critical ingredients using a new guide, Sustainable Sourcing – Five Steps Towards Managing Supply Chain.

Farm animals in the bigger system

“The problem about sustainability is that it’s all about systems thinking. And the modern world just doesn’t do systems thinking – whether you’re talking science, policy-making, health, education – or anything else that matters, for that matter!”

Starbucks Japan closes loop from waste coffee grounds to milk

Over one hundred Starbucks coffeehouses across Japan are transforming waste coffee beans into feed for dairy cows – and buying back their milk.

LED indoor farming enables 25 harvests a year

Philips has joined forces with Green Sense Farms (GSF) to develop one of the largest indoor commercial farms that use LED grow lights tailored to specific crops.

Banana wars – Fairtrade and beyond

We are in the midst of a bitter price war being played out by the UK’s big four supermarkets through the humble banana.