From Singapore to Rosario, cities get serious about local food

Urban farming innovations aim for scale as authorities plan for long-term resilience in supply chains.

“They are not only coffee farmers, but business women juggling budgets”

Nilufar Verjee, Commercial and Marketing Director at Twin Trading, meets the women of coffee co-operative Kopakama in Rwanda.


Imagine a business that functions more like an ecosystem...

Brewing a tasty future for tea

We haven’t had any tea for a week; the bottom is out of the universe’ – Rudyard Kipling

Renewables could make farms financially viable

Tess Riley finds out why almost 40% of UK farmers are investing in renewables.

Join #theBIGshift and Lead the Transformation to a Sustainable Future

(This article first appeared as a guest blog by Sally Uren in the Huffington Post on 3 December, 2013)

B&Q strives to protect dwindling bee populations

UK’s biggest garden retailer drops ‘neonicotinoid’ pesticides and joins forces with Friends of the Earth.

The rise of indoor cropping

As growers look for protection from an unpredictable climate, has the time come to take food production indoors? Tess Riley reports. 

Cultivating Farm Power

I was delighted to read that renewables’ share of electricity generation was a record high of 15.5% in 2013 Q2 - a jump of 5.8% compared to the same period last year.