Testing the water

A systems approach to sustainable water movement

The Protein Challenge 2040

A scoping project to test the appetite for collaboration around the shared challenges of the future of protein

A network for expensive tastes

A million pounds - that’s what Seb’s taste buds are insured for. Seb (or Sebastian) is Tetley’s master taster and blender, and so unique are his tasting skills that they have been insured for a cool million. Now, that’s a lot of money in anyone’s books.

A mini first aid kit for exhausted bees

Italian designer Hady Ghassabian has created a tiny first aid kit for bees that can fit onto your keyring. The Bee Saver tool is a flower-shaped saucer made from bioplastic and filled with artificial nectar designed to help a bee in need.

Some friendly advice for the Secretary of State

This blog post by Jonathon Porritt is the second in a series of articles marking the launch of the Farm Power vision and research in November 2014.


Why farms can help shape the energy system of the future

This blog post is the first in a series of articles marking the launch of the Farm Power vision and research in November 2014, and is a guest post by Neil Hughes, Head of Technology at National Grid.

Protecting our food's future

This is a guest blogpost by Kevin Price, Corporate Marketing Manager, Certis Europe.


Fresh produce on the roof, at sea or in warehouses? The possibilities are numerous, but where will our food come from in the future?

Retail Horizons: Food shopping in a water-scarce world

This article first appeared on and is the seventh in a 12-part series about the future of US retail for the

Sourcing goods made in Africa: A UK business perspective

Looking at how to overcome real and perceived barriers to sourcing African-made products in the UK

Lords of the Flies

Good news on the maggot front!