"Engaged children become engaged adults"

Tags: Behaviour change, Cities , Communications , Diagnosis, Economy, Education, Health, Innovation, International development, Population

Abid Aslam, Editor of ‘The State of the World’s Children’ at UNICEF, tells Duncan Jefferies why city authorities should work in close partnership with children and their communities.

Re-programming the mind for greener living

Tags: Behaviour change, Waste

Dr Stewart Barr of the University of Exeter delves into the psychology of habit.

Coca-Cola Enterprises launches online challenge to increase at home recycling rates

Tags: Behaviour change, Consumption, Waste

Members of the OpenIDEO.com online community will generate ideas for innovative solutions to close the gap between intentions and actions.

Low cost sanitary napkins reach rural women and girls in India

Tags: Behaviour change, Education, Health

An Indian entrepreneur encourages women to produce and sell their own sanitary products at a fraction of the market price, overcoming a barrier to education for girls.

Behind the scenes at the Ashden Awards

Tags: Cities , Community energy, Diagnosis, Energy, International development

Martin Wright discusses his experiences as an assessor with Ashden’s Emma-Louise Frost.

A quiet revolution: the domestication of finance

Tags: Behaviour change

The future of finance may not be determined by the Bank of England: rather by women at home, says Bruce Davis, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Abundance Generation.

A lesson in successful lobbying

Tags: Leadership

Ros Leeming, Parliament Manager at the International Fund for Animal Welfare, left the UK Government to lobby for change from the outside. She tells Katie Shaw what she hopes to achieve.

Informal networks provide essential services in cities

Tags: Behaviour change, Cities , Diagnosis, Economy

In cities across the world, people are coming together in informal networks to deliver services in waste collection, water supply and community welfare that officials fail to deliver. It's time to recognise their value, says Ben Goldfarb.

We still need precaution, says Porritt

Tags: Carbon, Climate change, Communications , Diagnosis, Economy

There’s no ‘either-or’ when it comes to innovation and precaution, says Jonathon Porritt, Founder-Director of Forum for the Future.


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